On-The-Go Flask

One of the best bits of kit I have used this year is also one of the cheapest, and surprisingly it comes not from any major outdoors brand, but Morrisons supermarket. This 350ml flask is, at £4, one of the best flask designs I have come across. Flask

The flask body is of conventional design. However, rather than using a separate cup, or a screw off lid, this has a simple to use flip up lid, which can easily be used one handed. To open it just press in on the spring loaded button and the lid flips open to reveal a white plastic mouthpiece. It has a large hole for fluid to come out and a small hole to allow air in, allowing a smooth flow of liquid.

Mouthpiece detail. The blue rubber seal is removeable for cleaning.

Mouthpiece detail. The blue rubber seal is removeable for cleaning.

Closing it is simple, and again can be done one handed, and once the spring loaded clip has clicked closed you rotate a small plastic retaining clip upwards which prevents it from opening accidentally.

Detail of the spring loaded button and retaining clip which prevents accidental opening.

Detail of the spring loaded button and retaining clip which prevents accidental opening.

I use it with hot chocolate mainly, and find it best to pre-heat the flask with boiling water before putting my drink in, which helps keep the contents warmer for longer. A trip to Inverness on the train saw me still drinking the same cup hours later, still nice and warm.

Cleaning is simple, there are no hidden spots to retain excess liquids, except for behind the rubber seals which can be taken off for cleaning.

Robust, simple and cheap, get them while you can, as supermarkets seldom keep these things for long.

Weight: 240g

Height: 19.5cm

Diameter: 6.5cm

Colour: Red


11 Responses to On-The-Go Flask

  1. anthea phillips says:

    What a fabulos item I have it in stainless steel. Given to me as a gift. Will use it everyday in this cold weather!

  2. Angela Lewis says:

    I bought this in stainless too and was so impressed that I went back and bought 3 more, for all the family. They are now a bit stained after continual use and if you’re out for the day I thought I’d buy yet more for that ‘second’ cup, but it seems Morrisons don’t have them anymore, do you know of any other suppliers (I would have purchased a lifetime supply if I’d known they would disappear)!

    • jester1970 says:

      Hi Angela,
      My local branch his stocks them regularly. Maybe you could ask customer services to source some for you?

    • Beefsmum says:

      They do have them occasionally – I watch out for them & get a few when I see them. My only niggle (after years of using them) is that they sometimes leak when you are drinking from them. I can’t work out why as it isn’t always the oldest ones & nor does it happen every time. I use them daily as a travel cup & agree they keep stuff warm for hours.

  3. Angela Lewis says:

    Just done as you suggested and they’ve got some! Hooray thank you for suggesting that, it hadn’t occurred to me😏 Going to stock up now……

  4. jester1970 says:

    Great stuff, happy to help!

  5. Wayne allred says:

    Where can I get this flask morrisons seem to be out of stock

    • jester1970 says:

      You could try asking at customer services, they might be able to get one in for you. Or you could try a different Morrison’s store as they are still on sale elsewhere.

  6. Wayne Allred says:

    Do you know anywhere I can get one of these flasks morrisons are out of stock

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