SM5- Glenmavis to Ryden Mains Road

The signposted start now appears to be some 200m to the NE of the mapped start, at an old green and white Council sign adjacent to a playpark at the corner of Ryden Mains Road and McArthur Avenue (Grid Ref NS 74785 67488); this reads: ‘Right of Way to Yetts Hole Road, 1.2 km (3/4 m)’ and points west.

Signpost at start.

The path runs between the hawthorn hedge lining the gardens of the houses, and a new childrens playpark. Just after this the path appears to peter out (near a fenced off mine shaft), as far as the catalogued route goes. The mapped line of route can be followed to the bottom of the field where a barbed wire fence is encountered. This can be crossed with some difficulty at the point shown on the map, although by diverting east a broken section can be negotiated. Once across the fence there are a number of paths to choose from, and either a direct route as per the map, or skirting the aggregate ‘quarry’ brings you to the other side of the industrial site, to an unlocked gate at Grid NS 74213 67543.

Borrow pits

The path then heads NW along an aggregate path, lined on both sides with new woodland plantations.

From the end looking towards Glenmavis

The terminus is at a large black metal gate at GR NS 73902 67784- chained and locked, but with space to slip through at the R-hand post – at the right-angle in the road, or through a gap in the gate where some pallisade is missing. There is no signpost here.

The end, squeeze through the gap in the right of the gate

Note: Just after the path starts, it comes to the end of the hedgerow, and heads north along the hawthorn trees, downhill to an old railway bridge at Grid NS 74666 67654.

Diversion Bridge

Once across the bridge, the path heads East for 100m and crosses an old gate, and follows the line of the old railway around the quarry workings, picking up the route from the gate at NS 74213 67543.

Alternative route via old railway bridge


2 Responses to SM5- Glenmavis to Ryden Mains Road

  1. i says:

    My Grandpa used to take me down the Glen with my dog. Can’t believe the state of it now.

  2. i says:

    The start of this used to be at Coatbridge Road, then someone built a garage over the entrance.

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