SM21- Bargeddie to Viewpark

This route starts at NS 706 633, south of the junction of the A8 (Bargeddie), on Aitkenhead Road. As you approach the start, around 30m away is a white on blue sign with the detail “Shawhead 2”. This indicates the route the path will take to begin with, sharing some of the same route as a core path to Shawhead, before diverting across to the south.

Signpost indicating start of ROW, Aitkenhead Road.

There are large concrete blocks at the start of the path to prevent vehicles.

Start of path

The path is aggregate surfaced and runs east for 70m, then south for 20m through trees, crossing the Luggie Burn by the bridge at NS 70753 63368. While the bridge seems structurally sound it has no handrails.

Bridge over the Luggie Burn

The path goes WSW for 400m along the old road.

Initially the path is aggregate

Signpost for Shawhead

The path follows the old road before cutting off to the south west

The road continues along towards Shawhead, but at NS 71089 63275 a trodden path heads SW.

A trodden path heads off south west

There is no sign here. The path crosses a small burn at NS 71129 63198, before arriving at a metal bridge at NS 71196 63075.

Bridge over the North calder Water

The Monklands section of the path ends here.


Carrying on over the North Calder Water the path goes SSE for around 100m, before going generally south to the end of the path. It goes through a clearing and after 100m the path goes into woodland on the west side of the water.

A well trodden and defined path

As it enters the trees at NS 71133 62924 the path becomes tricky to negotiate as a large part has eroded, leaving a very narrow and exposed surface.

Mind how you go...

Going on uphill through the trees the path moves away from the burn, and drops down to an anti-vehicle barrier, which is missing a gate, at NS 71131 62621.

A missing gate hints at motorcycles and vandals...

Go through this and round after 100m the path becomes surfaced with tar, and remains so until the end of the path. The final 400m section of path is lined by trees on the left and a security fence on the right.

A metal fence, broken glass and dumped rubbish, not a good welcome


The path has much evidence of broken glass and dumped rubbish here, with bollards at the end to prevent vehicles. The path ends at Laburnum Road, Viewpark at NS 70982 62239. There are no signs here.

Laburnum Road end, Viewpark



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