SM20- Kirk O’Shotts, Newmill-Canthill Road to Muiredge & Jersay Road

The route begins on the Newmill and Canthill Road, at a stile at NS 84803 62186. There is no signpost at this end. It was a particularly wet day when I visited here, so apologies for the poor photos. I will attempt to replace them with better ones when possible.

SM20, Start

A well trodden path runs down just inside the S side of a strip of trees, and crosses a stile at NS 84668 62109.

Sm20, Stile

At this point the path becomes less well defined, with the more defined path heading W to a disused tip. SM20 heads S from here, and a less well trodden path heads into the next strip of woodland and continues S along the bed of what appears to be an old railway track. It is pretty overgrown in one or two places. At a clearing 350M from the start of the path is a signpost, pointing N, stating ‘Right of Way’, with no other detail.

Intermediate Signpost

At this point a barbed wire fence must be crossed, and the route continues S along the old track bed, crossing a ditch about 50m from a fence (NS 84649 61584) which blocks the exit. This fence appears to be a well used crossing point, having had the top layer of barbed wire removed.

From the signpost, Looking south

The route then joins a well defined track for the last ten metres, with the route finishing at a kissing gate at NS 84649 61548. There is no signpost at this end.

SM20 End, Muiredge and Jersay Road


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