SM7- Whiterigg

British Coal was permitted to suspend the route for 10 years, with an obligation to re-instate once work was completed. This has not been done. Much of the surrounding area has been planted with trees, and a network of paths has been laid down. I spoke to employees of the current owners who informed me that planning permission was being sought for a computer server centre to be built here. Should this happen I have no doubt the path network will disappear.

The SM7 route itself does not exist on the ground, although the signpost remains in place on Ballochney Road at NS 77988 67596.

From here cross a barbed wire fence, and head across a rough grassy area, and after about 300m cross another barbed wire fence. At this point another fence runs off in a north easterly direction. Keep on the southern side of the fence and head roughly in the direction of the two wind turbines, visible in the distance. Cross over a path which runs north/south at NS 78264 67991, and continue around the northern end of of the sloping ground, above ponds which mark where the opencast mining was. The track should have rejoined the road here, but the road was never reinstated, and it joins on to a path at NS 784 682 which follows a route parallel with the line of the old road.


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