SM3- Marnock to Glenboig

The route begins at the end of South Medrox Street at NS 71448 69041. The tarmac path runs NE, between a row of houses and the chapel, and at this point there are no signs indicating this is a ROW. An intermediate signpost is at the end of Marnoch Drive, at NS 71583 69139, indicating Glenboig Village Park and Inchneuk.

At the bottom of the hill are some steps, and the path then diverges, with the ROW to Inchneuk continuing NE. A path heads N along the route of the old railway, and another S to Glenboig Village Park. There was a sign here, at NS 71638 69171, however this has been torn down, and is lying in a ditch.

After crossing the dismantled railway, the path is surfaced with red blaes and stepped in order to negotiate the steep slope leading up towards Inchneuk Tower.

The path is also fenced on both sides here in order to prohibit access to a disused mining area lying on either side of the path. At the top of the hill is a gate, and a two headed signpost, at NS 71775 69313 (signed Marnock to SW, and Inchneuk to SE).

OS Maps differ, with 1:50,000 showing Marnock, and 1:25,000 showing Marnoch.

There is no visible sign of Inchneuk Tower, and signs warning of mine workings deter further exploration. From the gate to its termination, the Right of Way goes downhill for around 400m.

It terminates at a wooden access gate, at Inchneuk Road, Glenboig, at NS 72017 68993.


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