Here’s some links to some sites which may be of use:

Scotways– The Scottish Rights Of Way And Access Society

Scottish Outdoor Access Code– The bible of outdoor access for land owners and users.

North Lanarkshire Council Access Officers– Currently Hayley, Cheryl and Mark, who deal with all the access issues in North Lanarkshire. They also coordinate the Access Forum, which brings land managers and users together to improve access within the area.

Mountaineering Council of Scotland– The representative body in Scotland for hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers, they campaign to protect access rights among other things.

Walk Highlands– Outdoor news, route information, hill name pronunciation, and a great forum.

Hillend Dabbler– Fellow Airdrie fan Allan Huttons angling blog.

Glasgow HF Outdoor Club– Glasgow based walking club which has walks on almost every weekend of the year.

Ramblers Scotland: Campaigning group to protect and expand footpaths in Scotland.


2 Responses to Links

  1. Hi Jim,

    Your site looks great.

    Sorry for the blatant plug, but have you ever through of Joining Ramblers. We represent the same interests too.

    Also any chance of adding a link to our page on your links page?



  2. jester1970 says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve contacted the Monklands Ramblers on a number of occasions, for a variety of reasons (Right of way walks, proposed windfarms, Core paths) and never had so much as an acknowledgement.
    I’m sure the Ramblers does a lot of good work at national level, which I’ve seen from Walk magazine, but it would be nice if that attitude could filter down to the local clubs.


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