SM10- Ballochney Road to Jarvie Avenue, Plains

From Ballochny Road  at NS 79079 67355, a dirt track can be seen next to a pile of tarmacadam and a telegraph pole. There is no sign at this (or the other end).

SM10 Start, Ballochney Road

The path generally heads in a south easterly direction for about 750m, to join Jarvie Avenue, Plains, at NS 79630 66912.  From the start on Ballochney Road to the playing fields on Moffat View consists of a 1m. wide ash and whinstone surfaced path which is rather uneven due to erosion by a stream of water. This section runs between two housing developments, with a new one on the east side.

Torn down fencing on the route (which keeps you out of the mud)

This path is covered in litter, broken glass and general builders refuse. There is also much evidence of off road motorcycling, and it appears that someone has attempted to block the path entirely to prevent this.

Anti motorcycle barriers?

This section ends at Moffat View, and then, heads south, to its termination on Jarvie Avenue. This part of the right of way has a 1m. wide good condition, tarmac surface, but is subject to flooding and is covered in litter and broken glass.

From Jarvie Avenue looking back to Moffat View

It then passes through a small lane and terminates on Jarvie Avenue (no signpost).  This part of the right of way is well used by the public.

SM10 End- Jarvie Avenue

May 2017:

The path has been upgraded. It has been resurfaced, with tarmac in parts. A new access has been provided from Killearn Crescent to Moffat View.

Looking north up the path

New access at Killearn Crescent


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