SM1- Annathill to Mollinsburn

The route starts at Annathill, at Grid NS 72549 70430, next to ‘The Beeches’ cottage. The track is signposted ‘Mollinsburn 1 Mile’. The path heads NW along a hard packed aggregate vehicular track for 160m to a house, dog legging W then NW again in the direction of Annathill Farm.

After 500m the path arrives at Annathill Farm, and the ROW continues NW, through an unlocked gate at NS 72134 70936, heading downhill along a tree covered avenue on a rutted path.

The path, on the left of the picture, goes downhill.

 After about 100m the path arrives at three gates, on leading into a field, one leading uphill into woodland, and the third, a double gate with pedestrian access gate at the side. This track should be followed downhill, and this section narrows to allow traverse on foot/horse only. 300M later the path dog legs again, and passes along the W end of a pond. A footbridge is located just under the pylons, and appears strong enough to carry walkers only (probably not horses). The path then goes uphill, passing a wooden ‘chalet’, before heading downhill on a potholed aggregate path.

Downhill, towards the end of the route.

The path ends on the main street next to a takeaway, and a ROW sign is visible on the other side of the road, mounted on a telegraph pole. The path ends at Grid NS 71711 71670.

Signpost at the end of the route


4 Responses to SM1- Annathill to Mollinsburn

  1. Robert Murray says:

    Did this wee walk today in reverse of yours Jim. I had never noticed it was an RoW.
    Walked from Mollinsburn up to Annathill, taking a break at the tomb and stone circle which are up on the hill (left of path) north of Annathill Farm. We walked through the village and circled back to Mollins by way of North Medrox.

  2. jester1970 says:

    Hi Robert,
    I didn’t know about the tomb and stone circle. I’ll have to pay them a visit.

  3. Tomb is interesting and in good condition. First grave is dated 1786. The stone circle’s authenticity might be open to debate …….. IMO ha-ha.
    The wooden chalet belongs to the anglers who run the fishery.

    Thinking of doing the Plains to Longriggend path tomorrow evening maybe – before Tuesday’s rain!

    All the best

  4. jester1970 says:

    Hope you enjoyed it. Tuesday’s here- and so is the rain…

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