SM14- Caldercruix to Hillend

The path begins at NS 824 678, access being gained on the corner of Gowan Brae and the B825 (Eastfield Road).

SM22 Start

The old gate access with kissing gate/ cycle slip through is only 10m away from the new entrance.

Former access gate

The path heads generally SE for 250m, then south. Around 270m from the start, a new bridge crosses the burn, before the path goes south and uphill.

New cyclepath bridge

The path crosses the Edinburgh to Helensburgh railway line at NS 827 674, and from here the surface is compacted aggregate/whin to the end of the path, 280m south of the bridge.

Cross the new railway bridge to the A89

Just north of the end of the path is a lockable gate with pedestrian slip through, and the path ends on the A89, at NS 82693 67236, adjacent to the Owl and Trout Inn.

The end of the path, adjacent to the Owl and Trout.

There is a sign at this point: “Right of Way to Caldercruix. 0.8km, ½ mile” The signpost has been knocked over and requires re-erection. There is a sign here for Caldercruix Countryside and Nature Park, this is long since gone, only the sign remaining. Right of Way SM15 starts across the road at the stile.


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