SM11- Gartness via Blackhouse Bridge

The route begins on a bend in the road at the south end of the road bridge (Monkland Bridge?) over the North Calder Water, at Grid NS 776 638. The path is not signposted and runs through some overgrown trees to the Blackhouse Bridge over the Shotts Burn. (NOTE: AT THE MOMENT THE BRIDGE IS CLOSED PENDING REPAIR).

The path through the trees

This may have been a vehicular route at some point in it’s history, and the bridge is wide enough to support a small vehicle. The bridge is a masonry bridge, however the parapet walls have been damaged and fallen away. The bridge has been repaired with unsightly metal railings, reducing the effective width of the bridge.

Blackhouse Bridge

The path continues onwards, uphill in a NE direction for around 300m, before heading ENE. The path at this point is lined with high bushes on either side. At Grid NS 779 639 there is a house on the north side of the path, this has recently been rebuilt and the path passes right in front of this, but does not pass close enough to be overly intrusive. There is no boundary fence at the front of the property.

The path runs along the front of this newly built property.

From here the path continues for around 250m on an aggregate surface to the end on Caldervale Street, Gartness, Grid NS 78248 63976. Again there is no sign.



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