SM16- Mountcow to Lilly Loch

This is the ‘lost Right Of Way, which was not signposted when others around here were. Consequently most people were unaware of it, and it did not see as much footfall as other paths in the area, which is sad as it is one of the best, and has magnificent views for almost 360 degrees. There are some signs of use, though faint on the ground and intermittent and the route can be difficult to follow.  I have marked the beginning of the catalogued path with a small post, at NS 82950 64394, just west of the new transmitter (there are now two). This is the actual catalogued route, however the route which seems to have more footfall commences opposite the end of the signposted right of way north of Mountcow Farm, and this is the one I will detail here.

SM16 Start, Mountcow.

Starting at the gate at NS 82763 64616 the route proceeds uphill, skirting the south and then east edge of the compound, and crossing the fence adjacent to some satellite dishes at  NS 82961 64854.

From the transmitter perimeter fence looking towards Duntilland Hill

This was taken from inside the transmitter fence. The actual crossing is slightly to the east of here, on the other side of the fence.of here

A faint path is visible heading for the trig point at NS 82841 65027.

Towards the trig point

From here the path heads NNE for 1km, to a sleeper bridge.

The wind farm mast, now removed

For the last few years a wind monitoring transmitter, propery of Airtricity, was observed just E of the path, evidence of a proposed windfarm development here. This was removed around June 2011. The path then becomes defined, dropping down the slope to the  sleeper bridge at NS 83004 66020.

The sleeper bridge (yes, it is there...)

A few metres beyond this there is a single strand electric fence running across the path, west to east, no warning signs affixed. This can be crawled under, and the route now skirts over Alice Hill, dropping steeply to cross a ditch, before arriving the end of the path at NS 826 664.

Looking back to Alice Hill from the end of the track

There is no exit from the field here, nor any sign denoting the route, and the the way out is blocked by barbed and electric fencing (no warning signs), although someone has fitted some insulated material here to help. Some gymnastics are required for this, and on crossing the fence you arrive at the signposts and gate listed in SM15.

Cross the fence here.

The route becomes SM15 here, either to Wester Bracco or Hillend


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