SM25- Cairnhill to Hillhead Roundabout

This path is currently closed due to construction of a new school.

This path began in a lane at Cairnhill Industrial Estate. There was no sign here, nor any indication that it was a right of way. The path was tarmac and ran south for 160m, where it joins the wider NCN 75.

It continues south east for 190m to a Y junction, where the right fork should be taken. After another 70m a path is crossed at right angles, the main path continuing south towards the B802.

New gates fitted along the route

After 60m a worn path leads off to the east (left) across the grass. It goes across rough ground for 170m, where it joins an ash path.

Looking from Hillhead Roundabout towards Gartlea

This heads south east, straight for 300m.before rising uphill for a final 150m to terminate at a gate with a pedestrian access at Hillhead Roundabout, NS 767 637 where there is a cast iron 4 headed black on white sign, indicating the way to Gartlea .

Signpost indicating way to Gartlea


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