SM6- Holehills to Glenmavis

This route was previously affected by building work, and has lost around 200m at the south end of the path, neither end of the path is signposted.

SM6- Start

 It now starts on Broompark Crescent, opposite No138, and passes between No133 and a childrens playpark at NS 76436 67107. At this point the path is compacted whin dust.

The path heads north and at NS 76445 67231 the path becomes tarred. There is also a junction here, giving access to/from an adjacent street. The path continues uphill for another 200m to a wooden footbridge next to an all-weather football pitch.


At this point a path diverges to the E to join the A73. Continuing N over the bridge, the path goes uphill away from the housing, with a line of trees and a golf course on the left, and a line of pylons on the right.

The path heads uphill

 Just across the footbridge another path heads off W into woodland. Halfway up the hill two other tarmac paths also run off to the E, with no indication as to their destination.


At the top of the hill the path then descends NE to a three headed signpost at NS 76214 67715, which indicates the continuing path to Glenmavis, or back to Airdrie and Sustrans Route 75, and a route to Bartletts factory, ending at NS 76498 67986 on the A73.

Looking south towards the signpost

 Continue NE from here, and within a few metres the tarmac surface ends, becoming a compacted dirt/aggregate path. The route continues NE for 300m to a locked double metal gate, with pedestrian access at the side.

Exit round the side of the gate

Looking south from the path end on Raebog Road


One Response to SM6- Holehills to Glenmavis

  1. i says:

    There are another two path that have been blocked. The north lodge through Rochsoles House and The Orchard path across from the primary school.

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