SM24- Gartcosh to Marnock (Glenboig)

This path begins at NS 70500 68200, Gartcosh.

SM24 Start

The path is surfaced and is marked on the ground with a cycle symbol, but no other signage. It heads east for 460m, before heading north east for 60m, then north for 60m through some trees.

Shared pedestrian and cycle path

At this point there is a T-junction with a gravel surfaced path.

The junction is ahead through the trees

T- junction looking from the Glenboig direction

Turn right (north east) and proceed under electrical overhead wires through anti-vehicle barriers at NS 710 685.

Anti-vehicle barrier and dog crap magnet

I have noticed on some occasions that these barriers have been used by a dog walker (or two) who seems to take great delight in allowing their dog to foul the path here. In fact such delight is taken I have noticed bags of excrement tied to the barriers, and once it was smeared along them. Not somewhere you would want to take a rest!

Continue downhill past Crofthill Cottage to the end of the road at NS 71200 68500.

End, looking back towards Gartcosh


There are numerous signs here, though none show the path is designated a right of way. There is a sign indicating the route is a cycle/foot route to Gartcosh Railway Station, however the sign is almost fully overgrown.


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