SM23 (&LW105) Forrestfield Road to Blackridge

This route begins at Forrestfield Road at NS 85300 67500. There is no signpost indicating that this is a right of way.

SM23 Start

The track is wide and used by vehicles, and is in fairly good condition. It heads north east-ish for around 700m to Westfield Farm, at NS 85800 67800. Right of way SM23 ends here and the remainder of the route becomes right of way LW105.

Gate just beyond Westfield Farm

Gate just beyond Westfield Farm

Going round the farm the aggregate track goes north and after 150m you go through a newly erected gate. After 200m the track heads east. The track is wide and fenced with wire fencing with barbed wire on both sides.

Barbed wire and electric fence along a right of way.

The path continues for around 900m, rising up to a bend in the track at grid NS 867 679.

At present the path is blocked by a 6ft wire fence which cannot be bypassed:

Wire fence across the right of way

Wire fence across the right of way

The gravel track then goes south to Raiziehill, but LW105 continues east through a secured gate.

Straight on for Blawhorn Moss

The next 700m section of track is very muddy and rutted due to recent forestry planting, and passes through a vehicular gate at NS 871 677. The track then heads east to a crossroad track junction north of Bedlrormie, at NS 874 676 where a new gate has been erected. It is not locked.


Information board at Blawhorn Moss car park.

Continue east 300m along the gravel track to the car park at Blawhorn Moss at NS 878 676. The right of way continues downhill 550m along a potholed tarmac road, to end on the A89 at NS 880 670. There is no right of way sign here.


3 Responses to SM23 (&LW105) Forrestfield Road to Blackridge

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  2. Good to hear people taking an interest in Scotland’s Right of Ways! I’m a Countryside Ranger and responsible for patrolling this route, the last time I did so was about 3 months ago, and the fence and gate weren’t there. Do you know if the blocking fence has been approved?

  3. James Cassidy says:

    I’ve no idea. I’ve contacted West Lothian Council and Scotways and made them aware. West Lothian Council do not have a full time access officer and as yet I’ve had no acknowledgement.

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