SM18- Salsburgh to Duntilland Road

This route starts at the junction of Main Street and Bogfoot Road in Salsburgh, at Grid NS 82602 62681.

SM18 start

Heading NNW on Bogfoot Road, the road ends, and an ash/aggregate vehicular access for the sewage works continues from here. There is an intermediate (Scotways) signpost at NS 82572 62775, stating ‘Right of way to Blackhill 2.7km ( 1 2/3 miles)’, and a few yards further on is an unlocked gate.

Looking back from the signpost to the start


The route carries on over the M8 by way of a vehicle bridge, then downhill.

Crossing the M8

Just before the burn the ROW heads NW to the sewage works.

The path goes to the right at the sewage works

From here the path heads NNW and becomes narrower, a mix of trodden footpath and aggregate, running alongside a three strand barbed wire fence.

The path goes north from the sewage works

The path follows the fence

After a further 500m the path becomes blocked in wet weather by two flooded sections.

When it rains the path can get very muddy

In dry weather these would be probably be clear of water, but in wet weather cause path users to divert slightly, depending on how much they have spread.

Bridge over the old railway line, NS 82278 63501

After 300m the path then drops down, and follows the track bed of the old railway almost to the end of the route. Around 100m from the end the path heads NNE and climbs up the side of the blocked cutting, to terminate at the signpost at NS 81983 64327.

From here follow SM17 to Mountcow


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