Crivit 2 person inflatable kayak

Last summer I managed to pick up one of LIDL’s occasional bargains- a Crivit 2 person inflatable kayak, for the bargain price of £29.99. Thirty quid for an inflatable kayak isn’t much, having never used one before I was interested to see if it was any good, especially as it cost more to buy wetsuits and life preservers than the actual kayak!

The box contains a the kayak, a paddle, a small accessory pouch and repair kit and a stowage bag, and all in weighs around 7kg. It does not come with a pump. Once in the bag it’s easily carried by one person and fits in a car boot, so no luggage rack is required. Ideal for those of us not blessed with a 4X4.

The kayak itself consists of the main body, two inflatable seats and a bow splash guard. The rear seat can be identified easily as it is a combined seat/rear splash guard. There are a number of cords supplied and you really have to pay attention to the instructions to identify which one is which. These cords are used to secure the seats and splash guards to the main body of the kayak.

Front seat secured using cord.

Using an electric pump it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble the kayak. The main kayak comprises of 5 numbered chambers, and these should be inflated in numerical order, using either the large or small inflation valves. Once the main body is inflated it’s simply a case of inflating the seats and bow guard, before attaching them with cords. There is an inflation guide supplied which you match up with a graduated scale on the main chamber to prevent over inflation. The paddle comes in three sections and fits together using a spring loaded nipple. Assemble the paddle and you are ready to go.

The front seat secured in position.

The assembled kayak showing the inflated base chambers, cord detail and assembled paddle

I have tested the kayak a few times at Loch Lubnaig. The waters there are generally sheltered from the wind and are well used by canoeists for that reason. The kayak is designed for two people. I have tested it with myself and my daughter, or on my own. With two people it will no doubt sit lower in the water, with one and a child it can tend to sit slightly high. It can be paddled easily, and you can maintain direction without too much faff in reasonable conditions. For sheltered inshore waters it’s great. I was able to paddle across the loch, and up and down the bay with no bother. I’d certainly not want to take it out far on somewhere like Loch Awe.

Note how the front is riding slightly out of the water (I am sitting in the rear seat in this picture). A rucksack in the front would perhaps help prevent this.

To pack it away it’s a simple job of reversing the assembly process, but it can take a bit longer getting the air out than in.

More suited to two people, which will make it sit lower, making it more stable in the process

Overall he material is fairly sturdy and I was happy with how it stood up to being assembled/disassembled on stony ground. It isn’t bomb-proof and there are more abrasion resistant materials around so it’s wise to bear that in mind. I’d say this was a great beginners inflatable kayak and at that price it’s a bargain (This year the price has risen to £39.99, still great value). Keep away from sharp stones and you will have far more than thirty quids worth of use from this. A final note is to say that if you see these advertised at LIDL they usually get very limited stock. The Airdrie store got only ONE, as did most others. If you want one, get there early, or you may have to scour Ebay for one.









33 Responses to Crivit 2 person inflatable kayak

  1. Carol O says:

    Interesting review as I bought an inflatable boat too – only mine’s a rowing boat – I suspect a kayak would be easier. I haven’t tried mine yet. Do you have to be able to do those ‘getting back from underwater rolls’ in that type of kayak?

    • jester1970 says:

      It’s not that kind of kayak! To be honest it’s more a canoe than a kayak, kayaks generally have a covered deck, which in conjunction with a spray deck combine to seal the craft, allowing the manoeuvre known as an ‘Eskimo Roll’. If this craft capsizes your best bet is to move to the shore where it can be righted.

  2. crazyboatguy says:

    These kayaks are back in Lidl from Thursday 27th June for £39.99

  3. Claire Hedley says:

    Bought ours today – can not wait try it out

  4. Peku says:

    Thanks for the review, just bought one of these in the local Lidl in Finland. Just one problem, the package was opened and it seems to be missing the instruction manual, any change you could scan/photograph and share the instructions or do you think it can be assembled without instructions?

    • Peku says:

      …actually nevermind, already built it without instructions and it worked great. Then someone pointed me to the Lidl service website at where you can download all manuals so I’ll check the recommendations for the ropes there.

  5. Alan Wilson says:

    I bought the inflatable dinghy at the same price. This has 3 air chambers & ticks all the same boxes as the kayak. I swithered over whether to buy the dinghy or the kayak. To be honest, I wish I’d bough both. Great value for money. I’ll need to nip up to the Lubnaig and give it a go there.
    The river (Devon) which runs into the Forth is where I use mine and it is quite shallow / stoney at parts. I would probably feel more comfortable with a plastic canoe / kayak.

  6. Celso says:

    Hi just bought one in Portugal. About 50 Euro. Dying for next weekend to test it.

  7. Kshitiz Rai says:

    Hi I bought this Kayak in Finland Lidl. But i noticed that i could not get the pump. Thus i could not inflate. Does anyone know where can I get the inflating pump?

  8. julie wright says:

    we bought this for £39.95p from lidl in somercotes Derbyshire. we used in Anglesey to test in a bay situation however didn’t feel safe I was lying down to row and my old man sat in the front he could sit up I couldn’t . a little wave hit and we decided to get back to shore only had 10 mins trial.. we bought a proper fishing sit on top kayak a galaxy £314 inc the delivery charge of £35 it had a delux seat 5 rod holders free trolley and a delux double oar very very stable also has two in built dry sack area s . How ever will try the blow up in Anglesey again next in shore near four bridges might be better I hope.not suited for sea use at all dangerous and we can swim and we had buoyancy jackets lol Our grandson is a slim 14 yr old nearly 15lol so will let him try in safety ok will weight down. I was wondering if you sat in the front as a single user how it would do we will test and let you know lol as long as we don’t drown in it .

    • Peter Shaw says:

      Even idiots should know this is more a toy for £39 rather than a proper kayak. For what it is , however, it is good value for money.

  9. chris says:

    Hi, I have just bought one of these and I don’t have the “control ruler” ,for measuring air pressure in the main tubes, that the instructions refer to. Can anyone tell me the measurements of this, so I can make my own?

    • jane says:

      i think the answer to that question would be similar to the one given by Peter Shaw.

      here is a hint

      get a measuring stick, ruler whatever.

      copy it onto a bit of paper and align it with the ruler printed on the side of the boat

  10. Darren says:

    hi , I’ve just acquired one of these Kayaks from LIdl and have a double action pump but I haven’t got the fitting for the valves fitted to the side to pump the main sides , any ideas where i can obtain correct fitting for the pump please. Regards Darren

    • Ron Geraghty says:

      you maybe using the escape valve rather than the one way inlet valve i tried this first. try putting the whole valve back in and unscrew the top screw which should fit the mid range adapter on most pumps. good luck.

  11. Jokano says:

    Could any one mail me the pressure reference? We lost it …

    • Hey Jokano,
      You mean this?
      Btw, I think the jester1970’s kayak has color that was so beautiful, but how about it when using on sea. I’m afraid of it will be mix with sea water

  12. Oh really, a Crivit 2 person inflatable kayak, for the bargain price of £29.99? You are really brave to use it in the river. And one more question, where do you buy the electric pump?
    I also like inflatable kakay and have some experienced in choosing a good kayak, but I dont think that, a good kayak just cost 30$ 😀

  13. Is your kayak can be used for fishing? And is your kayak safe for 2 people and 1 litle child?

  14. Rob cousins says:

    me and my brother were thinking of buying one and trying it down a local river. In your opinion is it suitable for 2 big lads? We’re both 6’2 and not in the best of shape. Lol.

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  16. Robert simpson says:

    I have lost the screw in valve for inflating my kayak, and I can you supply a spare??

  17. Scoty says:

    Good advice, will get up early doors on Sunday tomorrow and see if I can blag the one’ on sale .Going to Mull next week, so thought I’d try these portable chaps out , obviously not too many yards from the shore 😂

  18. Jason says:

    Thanks for the reveiw
    I was lucky to get the last of 15 of these from kirky store
    Well pleased 👍🏼
    P.s Do you think it would be safe enough to use it in the gareloch if staying close to the shore?

    • jester1970 says:

      I crossed Loch Lubnaig in it a number of times. For near the shore in sheltered waters, I’d be more than happy with it. I wore a lifejacket at all times, and I’d recommend you do the same.

  19. Muriel Osborne says:

    Any tips on the best type of pump to get?

  20. Tracey Blake says:

    Where can I get an attatchment for my pump

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