Moon 360 Cycle Light

The nights are fair drawing in as the saying goes and for the cyclist it’s time to make sure that your lights are in good working order and fit for purpose*

For about a year now I have been using a Moon 360 light and It is a fantastic aid which I honestly couldn’t do without.

Moon 360 mounted on my cycle helmet

Moon 360 mounted on my cycle helmet

With a light level of a maximum 360 lumens (hence the name) this light is ideally suited to the off-road or rural cyclist as it clearly illuminates the road ahead so that you can see where you are going- not just so that others see you.

The light comes with the following:

Charging cable

Handlebar mount

Helmet mount

Remote switch

Rechargeable battery

The light can be mounted on the helmet or the handlebars. I chose the velcro-strap helmet mount as it allows me to vary where the light points, and I supplement this with a fixed light on the frame. The remote cable has a velcro strap and I’ve mounted mine on the side of the helmet. It’s quick and easy to access, even with gloves on and allows me to switch modes quickly with no faffing about.

There are two main modes: fixed beam and flashing. The fixed beam can be reduced in intensity by a short tap on the power button and there are five levels of brightness, with the highest using more battery than the lower levels. If brightness is paramount then you’ll get over two hours of good useable light, obviously more if you reduce it (the manufacturer claims 15 hours, but I’ve never had to test it to that extent).

Close up of helmet mount

Close up of helmet mount

The flashing mode has two settings a slow flash and a fast strobe. The fast strobe is certainly an attention grabber and I’d recommend it in lit urban areas where you want to stand out from the background chatter. I’m not a fan of slow strobes, some being so slow between flashes that you are rendered invisible for a second or two.

Front view

Front view

The light can be recharged using the supplied charging cable or any mobile phone charger with a micro-usb connector.

The Moon 360 has an RRP of £49.99, but can usually be bought for around the £30-£35 mark.








*Not applicable to cyclists in Edinburgh City Centre…