SM17- Craigens Road to Duntilland Road

The track starts at an access at NS 80963 63020, SW of Blackridge Farm. There is no signpost at this end, and a sign shows “Blackridge Farm, PRIVATE No through road for vehicles”.

SM17 Start, Craigens Road.

The route initially heads NE up a hedgerow lined path. The track itself is a 3m wide aggregate path, in average condition for almost the whole length of the path, some sections being muddy in wet weather. After 300m the farm is gained, and 30m beyond this at NS 81236 63208 there is a locked gate with a smaller gate at the left side, secured with a small hook. This is possibly wide enough to allow access for horses.

Gate beyond Blackridge Farm

The path continues on the same line for 400m, then heads N on the E side of a strip of woodland.

Along the woodside

After about 500m a large metal fence lines the west side of the path, and continues to the signpost at the junction with SM18.

The metal fence will guide you

The route now heads NNW, passing over a large concrete bridge at NS 81556 64006. After 200m the route heads NW, uphill to a sign at NS 81986 64329, marking the junction with SM18 (Signs shows Salsburgh 1 mile, <Craigens Road 1 ¼ miles, Blackhill 1/2 mile >).

Gate and signpost ahead

New signposts

There is a locked gate here, with a precarious stile on the left side of the gate for walkers.

Mind how you go- a precarious stile

Crossing this the path goes uphill for 700m in the direction of the Blackhill Transmitters, then E to a locked vehicle gate with another dodgy stile for walker, which marks the end of the route, at NS 82695 64584.

Up towards Blackhill and Mountcow

The gate at Mountcow, SM16 starts across the road.

Just beyond this on Duntilland Road is a Scotways sign showing “Public footpath to Salsburgh, 1 ½ miles).

The new sign which replaced the vandalised one nearer the road.


2 Responses to SM17- Craigens Road to Duntilland Road

  1. Kirstin Bell says:

    Is the top gate at Mountcow locked? This is one of the routes I have been badgering the local council access officers to look at!

    • jester1970 says:

      Yes Kirstin, the top gate has been locked for a number of years now. Last time I was up there seemed to be a few new gates/ blockages in place as well.

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