It’s a Small World Right Enough

Edinburgh to Airdrie on Runkeeper.

Having moved to Edinburgh earlier this year I’ve not been cycling to the same extent I was before. I was regularly cycling part of my commute from Plains to Bathgate or occasionally to Uphall or Edinburgh itself. I’ve found that while Edinburgh has a lot of cycle provisions (especially off road cyclepaths) it isn’t conducive to a long unimpeded run on the bike. The road from Drumgelloch to Armadale is; around 12 or 13 miles with no junctions to give way at and no traffic signals to stop for. So, with my troublesome knee having been quiet for a few days I set off from Edinburgh late yesterday morning, Airdrie bound. I was averaging just under 5 minutes a mile in the confines of Edinburgh, and it wasn’t until I was clear of Bathgate that my times started to improve.

Walking from the Blackhill Transmitter to Mid Bracco

As I passed the Owl and Trout at Hillend a group of hillwalkers came on to the roadside and I drew to a juddering halt as I recognised David Dunn and his wife who had both joined me last year on a walk as part of the North Lanarkshire Walking Festival. They were out with Monklands Ramblers carrying out the same walk from Salsburgh to Caldercruix– and had just been talking about me to the rest of the group! It was a strange coincidence to meet up here at exactly the same time. A few minutes earlier or later and we’d never have met up!

We said our goodbyes, the Ramblers heading in to Caldercruix for the bus back to Airdrie, while I set off on the bike for the last few miles to the town. Tired as I was I think I may just have got there first…

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2 Responses to It’s a Small World Right Enough

  1. I’ve never actually got to cycle on/in a cycle lane – they don’t have them round here. Having said that, the area I’ve just moved to, all the many back lanes are like cycle lanes – no cars and lots of bikes and walkers – great 🙂

  2. jester1970 says:

    I used to be a Ranger with Sustrans, looking after a section of cyclepath in Airdrie. It should have been a great traffic free environment for walkers and cyclists, but was plagued by off road motorcycles and off road drinkers.
    Edinburgh has a lot of cyclepaths, many on old railways; usually fairly flat which is good. What a railway system they used to have, sadly now all gone.

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