Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

“Is this the way to Arthur’s Seat?” is a question I’m asked more and more on my rambles around the Holyrood area. Since my job moved to Edinburgh I’ve found myself spending my breaks doing circuits of Holyrood Park…

Full Walk Report: Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

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2 Responses to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

  1. Great inversion photo. Some of those routes look very exciting for ascent, like the chimney, but I’m damn sure I wouldn’t attempt to go down them! I haven’t been up either of those yet although my walking buddy has many trips to Edinburgh and has done them many times. Bet he doesn’t know all your routes though…

  2. jester1970 says:

    Yesterday as I was going up the Chimney I met a woman coming down. “This isn’t the right way, is it?” she asked…
    There’s another little chimney on the other side of the hill which is fine for ascending or descending.
    I don’t know all the routes yet, but I’m working on it!

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