SNP Break Commitment to Protect Our Wild Land


Article from The National, 29/10/16

In July 2014 I commented in THIS post that if the Scottish Government allowed the Talladh a Bheithe windfarm to go ahead it would signal it’s failure to abide by the Scottish Wild land Map which it had signed up to protect.

A little over two years later and the Scottish Government have indeed broken that commitment, by authorising the Creag Riabach windfarm in Wild Land Area 37.

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but sadly I’m not. There is more to environmentalism than throwing up turbines. Sadly the SNP Scottish Government have failed to grasp that one simple point.

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One Response to SNP Break Commitment to Protect Our Wild Land

  1. Willie P says:

    Yet again another SNP promise broken. Their obsession with renewables leaves a lot to be desired.I overlook the Blacklaw wind farm and contrary to the information we get from the government regarding the amount of energy they produce nobody said anything when we had two weeks of cold and frosty weather the wind farm produced hardly enough electricity as would make a slice of toast. Wind power is not the answer inefficient unsightly expensive.

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