Aladdin Insulated Mug

Twenty years ago you couldn’t move for Aladdin insulated mugs. They were ubiquitous. If you went into a petrol station or outdoor store they were on sale. Made of lightweight plastic and foam…

Source: Aladdin Insulated Mug

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4 Responses to Aladdin Insulated Mug

  1. Susan B says:

    Got one of those and it’s still going strong. Upgraded it earlier this year for a lightweight titanium mug which gets so hot it burns my lips. The old ones are the best…………

    • jester1970 says:

      I had a 85 Pattern metal mug which I used for years too. You could use it to heat your water and to drink from. It had a removable plastic rim but that quickly broke, leaving me with a splinter of plastic which I would balance on the rim to drink from. Some folk would replace this with black tape, but that was just grotty!

  2. You know it’s not the good old ‘Aladdin’ though don’t you? they’re made in China now unfortunately. I was always getting Aladdin flasks and suddenly found the insulation started failing within a year or so (or sometimes by the time you got them home) – apparently that’s common now. My old Aladdin flask, although battered from many drops down crags, is still chugging away wonderfully (probably more than 10 years old now) but the new ones – well, I’ve given up on them!

    • jester1970 says:

      Yes, it’s not the original Aladdin, buts it’s a pretty good reproduction. The company I linked to actually advertise genuine Aladdin mugs but they are half the size, don’t have a lid and come in the most awful colour!
      I wonder why they stopped making them as it was a fantastically simple and successful product. Perhaps the longevity didn’t help and less robust products actually generate more sales?

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