MCofS: Manifesto For Mountains

As this is an election year, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland has highlighted some questions you may wish to ask those seeking your vote this May in the Scottish Parliamentary elections. .

This one in particular caught my eye, in light of the Loch Lomond camping ban:

Enforce existing legal powers & safeguard Scotland’s access rights

Scotland’s access legislation is widely admired for the freedom it offers to roam responsibly. Our access rights provide unrivalled opportunities to appreciate our mountains’ wildness and grandeur, to encourage tourism, recreation, and the active lifestyles so essential for our nation’s health and wellbeing. These rights are backed up by legal powers to deal with access abuses robustly and effectively. 

Due to a failure to effective enforce the legislation, our universal access rights are increasingly at threat of erosion. Scotland needs enlightened political leadership to protect our access rights and invest in solutions that address the small proportion of access abuses. 

The full article can be read HERE

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