Camping Ban in Loch Lomond National Park- Get Off YOUR Land

Get Off YOUR Land!

Get Off YOUR Land!

The Minister for Environment, Dr Aileen McLeod, has endorsed the draconian byelaws which the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park are seeking to impose which will effectively ban wild camping in much of the area, forcing outdoor enthisiasts to “pay to stay”.

The right to wild camping is enshrined in the Land Reform Act 2003.
There are a number of groups who are already planning to fight the ban.

If you believe that these rights should be protected, and that responsible outdoor enthusiasts should be treated the same ACROSS Scotland, with no exceptions, please LIKE and SHARE this page.

The page has been set up to remind everyone of the rights we have and the rights we are set to lose, and to help provide a focus for the organisation of legal public protest against the plans of the LLTNP, which have been endorsed by the Scottish Government.

There is also an online petition against the ban, this can be found HERE. Please sign it, like it and share it.

Please use the hashtag #getoffYOURland for this issue.

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