Caldercruix Quarry- All But Approved

Soon to be gone forever...I received an email yesterday from North Lanarkshire Council regarding the proposal to re-open and extend Hillend Quarry at Caldercruix. It looks as if this application will be approved, after the formality of a site visit (and how many of our esteemed councillors will pull on their boots and actually visit the hills?). Full details HERE.

From my initial reading of the Committee Report dated 9th December 2015, the recommendation is to approve the application subject to conditions. This is despite 369 letters of representation and a petition against the development signed by 716 people. In essence: the local community objects and the local council overrules them.

The report details the limits of the work which will result in the complete destruction of the Moffat Hills and the historic monuments located within that site and a restriction of public access to the area. The plan expects an additional 100 HGV movements on the A89 a day. It also seems to be very dismissive on the effect of blasting on geolocical fault lines in the area, such as this one:

Fault above the north side of the Lilly Loch

Fault above the north side of the Lilly Loch

This decision, when (not if) granted flies in the face of the wishes of the local community and is just the latest in a long line of applications granted to aggressively exploit the land in this area with no consideration for the people who have to live here. More heavy traffic? Deal with it. Air pollution? Tough. Drop in house prices? So what! Loss of recreational land? Who cares! 

I would like to say I’m shocked by the recommendation, but with North Lanarkshire Councils track record in the area, I’m not.

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