Sugoi Zap Cycling Jacket

This cycling jacket is covered in reflective beads which act like thousands of cats eye’s. For the cyclist who’s out on the roads after dark it’s a must have.

 Full Review: Sugoi Zap Cycling Jacket

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One Response to Sugoi Zap Cycling Jacket

  1. Martin says:

    Just bought a hi vis Paramo Fuera Ascent for cycling. I was using my blue Fuera which has some luminous strips, but I became very conscious of just how visible I need to be when on a bike. But I’m not a great fan of ‘waterproof’ – I often tend to stew, and also there’s a big hole around the hood area to let water in, so it doesn’t seem to make much sense to me right now.
    Also picked up an exposure Sirius bike light after finding my existing lights just not bright enough along the former railway line I use here in Manchester. I don’t often cycle but try to get to the office once a week just to give the body a bit of work to do, so it was a balance – not cycling often, do I still need this kit? Having set out back last night and got a puncture on the way (sadly lots of broken glass along the way) I was very grateful for the extra kit…
    I actually got the bike second hand and all the additional stuff has cost far more than the bike itself!

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