Campsie Glen- Drowning in litter

wpid-wp-1428913715757.jpegMany years ago, probably around 30 or so, I visited Campsie Glen and it’s amazing series of waterfalls. In all that time I had never returned, and although I had passed the area or walked on the nearby fells I had never taken the time to drop down into the glen. A few days ago I did visit, taking my daughter to let her see the waterfalls which as I remembered clearly, you could clamber behind. The car park was busy, and the path to the falls is clearly well used but as we dropped down to the falls I was struck by the tide of litter which had washed over the hillside. The bracken which in summer stands tall and hides much is now dead, wet and flat and does little to hide the multitude of cans, bottles and other debris which is scattered by the worst kind of outdoor visitors, and the crunch of broken glass hints at the hidden danger which many children will fall foul of too.Buckfast bottles, beer cans, bottles, lucozade, irn-bru cans, there were too many to count. They bob in pools on the water, they are jammed in cracks in the rocks, they are all around, accompanied by the ubiquitous blue carrier bag that signals a cheap carry out.wpid-wp-1428913776891.jpeg

I lifted a few plastic bags full of rubbish and carried them back to the car park, a Canute like gesture considering the amount of litter around the car park as well. It saddens me that somewhere so popular should be allowed to turn into a dirty and dangerous location. It also angers me that because the rubbish is not on the verge of the road the local authority will not deal with it. Will the local community? Will the proper outdoor community? Will anyone?


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2 Responses to Campsie Glen- Drowning in litter

  1. Gavin says:

    drives me insane no thoughts for others or for the wildlife that the litter can sometimes damage.

  2. The litter problem is getting well and truly out of hand in Britain. I’m really starting to believe that we must start to think of banning take-aways etc altogether. It does spoil it for everyone else I agree but I think it would cut-down on the sheer amount of litter everywhere. I suppose it’s obvious from me saying that that I rarely have any kind of take-away anyway though…

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