The Airdrie Bimbler…

Regular visitors to this site will know of my long standing (if you’ll pardon the pun) knee problems. Recently these have combined with lower back problems, and this combined effort saw me walking in a very odd manner to try and alleviate the pain. Unfortunately this led to a problem in my hip… What with the knee bone connecting to the thigh bone and all, I developed an irritation of the sciatic nerve. My lack of mobility oudoors has led to a lack of activity on this site. As things improve (slowly) there should be more activity on here. At present I’m taking things slowly with VERY short walks and rambles, if I can get out at all. I managed a walk up Arthurs Seat last week, which was encouraging. Having said that as someone who was used to big hill days it shows just how far I am from full fitness. For now it’s physio, light exercise and tablets. Arthurs Seat

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5 Responses to The Airdrie Bimbler…

  1. Sorry to hear of your mobility problems, Jim. I’ve found that physiotherapy can be a great help. Hope that you are soon back to your old exploring ways.


    • jester1970 says:

      Hi Hugh,
      Good to hear from you again, I’m afraid I haven’t been on the forums much recently so I’ve missed your contributions. How did the book go? The last I heard from you, you were still going over your update.
      I’ve been having physiotherapy, but as it’s not one specific problem it can be a bit of a problem treating it. I’ve had acupuncture and physio, and I’ll keep on at that for now. I’ve had a few good days, so fingers crossed…

  2. I feel for you and know exactly what you mean. I thought I had a groin strain but, after a year or so, decided on a hip x-ray. Now they’re saying my hip has apparently (painlessly) worn out and, the reverse of you, taking my knee and sometimes my lower back with it 😦

    It’s awful getting older isn’t it!

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