The Road to The Isles: Rannoch to Corrour

Rannoch to Corrour (13)I have often passed Corrour on the train having just come a big hill and my eyes have been drawn to a lonely ruin which sits about a mile south of the station. Lonely, windswept and desolate, it stands atop a small knoll and faces up to the worst conditions that Rannoch Moor can throw at it. Often too I have thought to myself that I must visit it some day, before getting lost in a book on the journey home and forgetting all about it.

My knee trouble has meant I have had to rule out big hills and when I was looking for a short walk just to get myself out and about Corrour was the first place which sprung to mind. A short bimble along to Loch Ossian perhaps, and a wee ramble along the track this cottage. Then, as usual, I got greedy. Perhaps I could manage a wee walk from Rannoch to Corrour along the Road To The Isles. After all, it’s a track. It’ll be maneagable…

Full walk report here:

The Road to The Isles: Rannoch to Corrour.

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4 Responses to The Road to The Isles: Rannoch to Corrour

  1. johndburns says:

    Hi just got a brand new Alta jacket and, guess what, it leaks into the map pocket. Been in touch with Paramo, they’ve sent me some reproofing stuff.

    • jester1970 says:

      Hi John,
      Don’t say I didn’t warn you! They did the same with me, reproofing the jacket and then sending me a few packs of reproofing fluid. You can’t reproof a design defect though. Perhaps you should point out my review and push for a refund? I love the fabric but the pocket is the Achilles heel.

      • johndburns says:

        It’s a shame it’s such a great jacket otherwise and I can’t understand why it’s just that seam. I’ll have to try it in some foul weather and see what happens.

  2. Baz says:

    Perhaps this may be addressed in the Alta III, apparently penciled in for release this year:

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