River Rambling

I’ve been trying to break myself back in gently with short local walks. A few of these have been along the North Calder Water, which runs west from the Black Loch near Limerigg, through Hillend Reservoir, then to Caldercruix, Plains, Airdrie before eventually joining the River Clyde near Baillieston.

While my knee wasn’t up to climbing hills, it had to be up to climbing fences. If fence climbing were an olympic event, North Lanarkshire walkers would excel at it. Would it kill some landowners to put a few gates or stiles in? Having negotiated the obstacles I did see some of the usual local wildlife along the riverbank. Buzzards and dippers are plentiful, but I was surprised by a strange cry as I rounded a bend in the path. Creeping along I was amazed to see a pair of Kingfishers. This is a bird I have rarely seen, and certainly not locally for perhaps 20 years. I managed a few photos, as the birds were not too skittish, and it would appear they are two young males. River Calder (2)River Calder (3)

Repeat visits have been fruitless, but I’m hopeful that I’ll see them again. On the subject of fruit, it’s that time of year when nature provides it’s bounty for winter. Nuts and berries abound, including these, possibly nightshade. If you can tell me what they are I’d love to know.

Mystery berries

Mystery berries


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3 Responses to River Rambling

  1. hihowsyou25 says:

    Wonderful capture, lovely little birds !

  2. Peony says:

    Your mystery plant is the Guelder Rose (viburnum opulus)

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