Munro Bagging in the Pentlands?

I occasionally lead walks as a member of Glasgow HF Outdoor Club. Sometimes I’ll pick something I’m familiar with, other times less so. At times as each programme rolls around you can see the old favourites in there, so I like to add in something a bit less familiar. Hills which we rarely visit, or old favourites by more obscure routes. One of my recent leads was in the Pentlands. Now the Pentlands are neither rarely visited or obscure, but they aren’t on our list of regulars, which is a shame.

Read the full page here: Munro Bagging in the Pentlands?.

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2 Responses to Munro Bagging in the Pentlands?

  1. Colin Campbell says:

    As a fellow Airdrieonian I also use the Pentlands as an easy to access a set of hillwalks which are often as tough as many a Munro. That includes my wife who agreed with your assessment of the intial pull up to Turnhouse ridges. We have done loads of Pentland walks because there are so many starting places and so many escape routes if the wind is too much. Great photos of your tour guide day. Well done and the Pentlands often provided an escape from the reign of Jimmy boyle as well.

  2. jester1970 says:

    Thank God Jimmy’s reign of apathy is over! I’ve only been to one match this season, and that turned out to be his last. I’m actually looking forward to going to a game now.

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