The Fingerpost

Cruix Map


I was contacted recently regarding the now closed road junction on the A89 at Caldercruix, known locally as “The Fingerpost” (NS 81824 67520), and asking about how it got it’s name.

I’m not old enough to remember, but from looking at old maps I have noticed that the main road into Caldercruix  today was formerly a track up to Glengowan, and the “Main Street” went across the bridge and past the church and the railway station, carrying on out towards Limerigg. That being the case there was probably a fingerpost style sign like the one near Plains. Many road signs were removed during the Second World War, so it could have gone around this time, but that is guesswork on my part.

If anyone has any information on this, or even better an old photo of the Fingerpost, I’d be happy to post it here.

Historical mapping courtesy of Where’s The Path.

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2 Responses to The Fingerpost

  1. Sarah McManus says:

    I remember the term ‘The Fingerpost’ from growing up in the village in the 1960’s and 70’s.
    I always thought it was at the old entrance to the village just up from the papermill. I lived in Craig Terrace across from the papermill, and I’m sure the bus stop there was called The Fingerpost.
    As the A89 was historically the coaching route between Glasgow and Edinburgh, I think it would have been on the main road, possibly pointing between the two cities.

  2. Dick shanks says:

    Grew up in Cadercruix can remember finger post on right hand side of main St as you leave the A89 to enter caldercruix it gave dirt ions to Bathgate Edinburgh on East side Slamanan Falkirk on North side and Airdrie Coatbridge Glasgow on west side the sign was made of cast iron and was very old i reckon the post disappeared in the early 1960′ s I my job as a blacksmith I have made various finger post from mild steel and used my memories of the crux post as a template Hope this may be of interest to you. Regards dick

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