He is now a She…



Some time back I contacted Ordnance Survey to ask why one of the Munros, Beinn Heasgarnaich, had appeared to have been the subjecy of gender reassignement. On one of my maps it it listed as Beinn Heasgarnaich. Indeed in the Munro book it is the same. Yet on buying a new map I noticed that is was now Beinn Sheasgarnaich.

I was intrigued and contacted the Ordnance Survey who told me that:

we are going to keep this Munro name as Beinn Sheasgarnich as this is the Gaelic form of the name. 

The name was changed as part of the revision of Explorer 378 between 2002 and 2007.Our records say that the information came from ‘Watson 2002, 179’.  Watson 2002: Watson, W. J., 2002, Scottish Place-Name Papers (London and Edinburgh), “A collection of articles and essays on Scottish place-names” by W. J. Watson (1865-1948).

The name was changed in the large scale data in 2005. 

Ordnance Survey does not inform third parties of any changes to our mapping. However we have found that some websites now list both names, for example, http://www.hill-bagging.co.uk/Scotland/mountaindetails.php?qu=M&rf=145 

Ordnance Survey works with the Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba (AÀA) to ensure consistency of Gaelic names depiction but we are not an authority on Gaelic names and our Gaelic names policy can be found here  http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/about-us/our-policies/gaelic-names.html

I found it odd that considering it is (amongst baggers and the like) a fairly well known and established name that they would find reason to change it. Surprising this didn’t get the fanfare that the re-measuring of some hills gets. Of course this has little effect on anyone, unless of course you are calling Mountain Rescue and using an out of date map…

And after... the same hill, just with strangely large looking hands...

And after…
the same hill, just with strangely large looking hands…

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