If you go down to the woods today…

…you might find yourself having to pick your way through pretty flowers. Unless you visit some of the local lochs where it is more likely you will find yourself picking your way through rubbish, broken glass and discarded angling gear.A safe environment?

North Lanarkshire does have a reputation for being a bit manky. Roadside dumping is a way of life here, and despite North Lanarkshire Council being aware of the repeat dumping sites and hotspots, little is done ( a pile of rubbish reported near here in November is still lying rotting) bar the council erecting signs about non existent CCTV cameras. Not an unusual site

Just as bad though were some of the lochs. Both the Lilly Loch and Hillend had rubbish dumped by the kind of anglers that give the whole sport a bad name, discarded folding chairs, barbecues and all sorts of cans, bottles and packaging. But these paled into insignificance beside Forrestburn. This is that expanse of water near Kirk o’ Shotts transmitter, which from the M8 motorway looks quite tranquil. Close up though it’s a different matter. The shoreline is littered with cans, bottles, and broken glass, ripped up paper, and the remains of bonfires. While the Lilly and Hillend are regularly cleared up within the season, there is no club here to police the loch. As such it’s a loch gone feral, attracting the worst sort, the boozers, the vandals and the freeloaders who probably wouldn’t be allowed to fish anywhere else. The same kind of angler whose behaviour has led to a camping ban at Loch Lomond. Forrestburn

If the situation at Forrestburn Reservoir is allowed to continue what could have been a pleasant place to spend the day will instead be somewhere you wouldn’t wanted to spend five minutes. It’s time for these so called anglers to clean up their act.

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2 Responses to If you go down to the woods today…

  1. andy says:

    Very say, very sad. It makes me particularly sad at this point in time when we are talking about independence. Is this the way to show that we are proud of our country? It is shocking just shocking.

    Mind you, the biggest vandals of them all are the Holyrood folks, dumping turbines on the hills. I see no difference between the litter louts and Salmond in that respect. None whatsoever. I’m sorry that you have to put up with that in your nick of the woods.

    • jester1970 says:

      I agree, the Government, national and local can be cause vandalism on a much wider scale than a few anglers can. I went out running the other day to find that my usual route has been chewed up by plant machinery, dumping treated human waste on the hills, which can then run into the water supply. All approved by SEPA. If they won’t protect us, who will?

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