E-petition: Search and Rescue helicopters

SARThere is now an online petition which you can sign to protest against the Governments moves to privatise Search and Rescue helicopters. It can be found HERE.

Please sign it and share on your blogs, forums or on facebook. Thanks.

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3 Responses to E-petition: Search and Rescue helicopters

  1. tiffany267 says:

    I wouldn’t just dream of it, I’d vocally support privatization of ambulances. When and why the hell did government get into the business of trying to save our lives?

    As far as the helicopters, sounds like good news. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you dislike freedom?

  2. jester1970 says:

    Which government? I could ask, are you an American? Perhaps you think differently from we Scots. We have had publicly funded SAR for over 70 years. We have had a publicly funded NHS for over 60 years.
    I could of course delete comments I don’t agree with, as is your blog’s policy, but then, I like freedom. Do you?

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