Leum Ullium- Trainspotting for beginners

Rock with tree growing from it.

Leum Ullium

I had bought a new pair of snowshoes and was eager to try them out, and thought Corrour would be the ideal place to do so. While the other passengers on the early morning train at Airdrie looked forward to another day at work, my clothing would suggest that I wasn’t in the same boat. With a rucksack and ice-axe I was prepared for anything but a day stuck in an office routine. Having said that I’ve travelled up and down the West Highland railway line so often that sometimes it seems to be routine. A hot chocolate, a cake and a newspaper for the journey up, then a wee nap, before putting on gaiters and making a start. Today however the mountains were covered with a thick coating of fresh snow and there was a buzz about the train which I couldn’t avoid. Leaving Tyndrum this became even more palpable. The scenery in it’s white garb against a bright blue sky was stunning, and the sight of herds of deer, looking pretty fit and well fed, so close to the railway was fantastic. While some ran at the approach of the train, others looked on unconcerned. One passenger couldn’t contain his delight at the snow and leapt off at every station to take photos, much to the concern of his companion, who called out “If the train goes away without you, don’t think I’m pulling the emergency cord!”

Read full Trip Report HERE.

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