Book Review: Cairngorm John

For most of us a trip to the mountains is, on reflection, an uneventful affair. I’d go as far as to say routine in many cases, the trip there, the walk or climb, a local pub, and the journey home. A neat little package which in most cases goes to plan. And that can be the case for thousands of walkers for the entirety of their time in the hills. There will be tales to tell, always something to recount in the bar afterwards, but no white knuckle stuff. That is for the few, for other people, the unprepared, the unlucky. For some it means minor celebrity, a flirtation with newspapers or television. For some it can be life changing, a Touching The Void moment that changes the direction of their life from that moment on. For others, sadly, it means the end, and their tale can only be told by others. John Allen was a member of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team (CMRT) from 1972 until 2007, and its leader for around twenty years, and he has more experience in this area than most. If the old adage that you should learn from other peoples mistakes is true then this book is a must read for anyone who visits hills and mountains.

Full Review HERE.

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