Scotland: End To End book review

Cameron McNeish’s latest book, in conjunction with photographer Richard Else, is the guide to his grandest project yet, a Scottish National Trail. When I say guide, it’s not pocket sized, and the route descriptions are in some parts rather vague. That’s not in any way surprising though, as it’s a guide to a trail which doesn’t exist on the ground, not in the commonly accepted sense anyway. At present the trail is only marked in two places, Kirk Yetholm near the start of the trail, and Cape Wrath, the end. The route in-between is a mixture of existing and established long distance footpaths, rights of way, canal towpaths and even roads, running from the Borders to Edinburgh, across the central belt to Milngavie, before heading north to Kingussie. The trail then heads west for the final section before getting back on track for Cape Wrath. The guide breaks the trail into these 5 stages, each prefixed with an overview map of that stage. Each stage may be broken into shorter legs, which are probably there to break the book down into a more readable format than anything else. And it is very readable.

Full review HERE.

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