Blackhouse Bridge: demolished


I’d heard some time back that Blackhouse Bridge had been demolished but this morning was the first chance I have had to visit it. The bridge is indeed gone, the ground landscaped in such a way as to suggest a replacement will not be forthcoming.


Apparently today will see all North Lanarkshire homes receive a brochure from North Lanarkshire Council detailing the range of services they are considering cutting to save money. A replacement for Blackhouse Bridge must have been one of the easy choices, coming in at a fraction of Cumbernaulds “waves” or Aria statue, and far less than hosting the children’s games. When it comes to choosing between something practical or a high profile vanity project, the choice will always be simple.


Perhaps they could scrape enough cash together to clear up the site. The scrap value should help pay for it.

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One Response to Blackhouse Bridge: demolished

  1. Peony says:

    I only found out today that the bridge is gone. I was heading out to the Glen looking for a comfy camping spot, and was presented with a fence and a pile of twisted metal and concrete. They haven’t even cleaned up the mess they left behind pulling the bridge down!

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