Paramo Alta II Jacket review


I had high hopes for the Paramo Alta II jacket when I began using it late last year. Paramo have a great reputation, with many people swearing by their products. I found myself swearing at their products…

Paramo Alta II


Paramo isn’t sexy. It’s not the kind of sleek, slick gear which you’ll see splashed over a full page advert in glossy hillwalking magazines. It’s known for being functional, dependable, long lasting but heavy. A favourite for elderly dog walkers everywhere. Not having a dog, my reasons for buying this were the first three. I wanted a good ‘winter’ jacket, something which would withstand the worst a Scottish winter could throw at me, so when I saw this on sale I jumped at it.

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10 Responses to Paramo Alta II Jacket review

  1. mickt says:

    Doesn’t suit you one bit you look mishapen i’ve seen these jackets look so much better on people with a slimmer buil. The only place it looks right on you is the belly looks too baggy everywhere else! I’ve just bought one onlne and waiting for it. Apart from your review all the others i have seen have been sparkiling nothing but pros! There’s a video review of a guy in the cairngorns below 0 and he said he was comfortable warm & dry!
    Thanks anyway for taking the time!

  2. jester1970 says:

    I can only review it as I find. Simple fact is, it leaks. Anyway, If you don’t mention my big belly I’ll not comment on your spling…

  3. tony hartman says:

    My wife and I have had Paramo so called waterproofs for just over 3 years. They have had a really easy life of going to the shops in the car and weekend walks.We use them for best. Until recently we were delighted. We have religiously cared for them with all the right stuff. But the simple fact is they now leak unacceptably. The problem is especially bad if you wear a pack.Water just soaks in where the straps are. It’s all very well all these people saying how good Paramo is, when they’ve only had it a year or two. Let me put it this way. You are out on a Scottish hill, clad in the coat that has been so good for dog walking. You’ve got a bit lost and have twisted your ankle. It’s now getting dark. Your map is soaked as is your mobile phone.You are wet through and cold. Need I say more. Paramo is great for dog walking when a hot bath isn’t too far away. For all out expedition use where things can go wrong use uncomfortable Goretex, it just might save your life. Have you ever wondered why the Military use Goretex?

    • jester1970 says:

      Paramo is a strange beast Tony. Some folk swear by it, others swear at it. I have my share of Goretex jackets too, and they are prone to failure as well, they are by no means perfect. I have a Sprayway Comanche where the fabric has cracked along lines where the jacket is regularly folded or bunched. I have a Mountain Equipment Goretex Paclite jacket which has holes in it from where my rucksack rubs against the waist drawcord. None of them are perfect, and I think if you get more than three or four years out of any of them you are doing well.

      • tony h. says:

        Hi jester1970, I have had about ten sets of Goretex, and totally agree with you. The point is when goretex starts to fail you sort of know where the holes are as you start to get a bit wet now and then. If you have 3 layer goretex you can bodge up the holes with a sealer a bit like you do when proofing tent seams. If you are unfortunate to get caught out in a storm in paramo you may well find it fails big time.

      • brenhell says:

        I know its been a while since the original post, but I’ve had the same problem with a Berghaus Cornice III which is just over 2 years old. The drawcord casing has worn through where the Berghaus rucksack has rubbed on it. I still have a similar Berghaus jacket from c 7-8 years ago (had to buy the new one as I put on weight), worn more often with the same rucksack, with no problems or signs of wear at all, but this new one is just feeble. The polyester fabric has just effectively worn away. Took it back and it has been sent off for ‘tests’ (stuck in a box in the back room of Blacks) but I have lost faith in this brand.

        If you are out there, did you ever get any joy regarding which jackets can actually be worn with a rucksack?

      • jester1970 says:

        As manufacturers are changing models all the time I could name a particular brand or model. I think the best thing you can do is to try to chose a model which doesn’t have drawcords across the back, as it’s a problem I’ve found which occurs with other jackets as well. I recently bought a new jacket and made sure that it didn’t have one, which should extend its life somewhat. To me though, it is surprising that manufacturers continue to use what is little more than a fashion feature as it is a proven weak spot.

  4. Vince says:

    Great unbiased review. I have just received the same jacket as a warranty replacement for my Alta jacket. I was shocked to find that the map pocket does not have the “pump liner”! So I can see why it lets water in. Very disappointing. I have a Cascada jacket which I loved so much I quickly replaced my Berghaus Gore-Tex coat that I use for work with it and bought the Alta for the hills. They both have the internal map pocket inside the pump liner and I have never had any problems in heavy rain on the hills. The only leak I have had was in the Cascada while working in torrential rain for hours. After three hours the elbows started to leak and after five hours I started to get a wet chest. If you tie a Paramo up like a hammock and pour a pint of water in it, it will sit there quite happily until you touch the underside and then the water will drip through, it’s the nature of the fabric. But when I consider how wet I used to get inside my two previous Gore-Tex coats when working hard, for me there is no comparison. I also cycle hard once a week, even in heavy rain and my Vasco jacket has never leaked, super breathable and great venting. My climbing buddies think I’m a pansy but I won’t go back to anything else. The fact is Paramo is like Marmite…

  5. Jamesy says:

    You NEED to proof them evey year with nikwax! The paramo designer was working for this firm when starting out.

  6. Vince says:

    Update: out on my bike yesterday in heavy rain wearing a small rucksack and my recently washed and proofed Vasco jacket leaked big time. I love these jackets but the label “waterproof” is definitely misleading. Thought I’d better report it as it is.

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