Achallader Farm Bypass Path

I was up near Bridge of Orchy last weekend, to head up Beinn Mhanach. I noticed that a gate has been erected on the track to Achallader Farm near Loch Tulla. This prevents vehicles going as far at the farm, however a new car park has been put in about 200m from the A82.
The land owner has also put in a diversionary path which bypasses the farm, for anyone heading for Beinn an Dothaidh, Beinn Achaladair or Beinn Mhanach via the Allt Coire Achaladair.I’ve contacted the access officer about it to check if there were any access problems heading up the path via Achallader Farm, and there were none reported. However diversionary paths to avoid farms, etc, are recommended under outdoor access legislation, and this appears to be a reasonably good attempt at one.

On my way up the path from the car park there was a signpost, an arrow with “To Hill” on it. Sad to say someone, most likely a walker, had torn it down. Now it wasn’t the greatest sign, nor the most accurate (which ‘hill’?) however but seeing a landowner trying to do the right thing, only for it to be vandalised by someone who possibly considers themselves a responsible walker, was uncalled for and is the kind of thing which leads to the more reasonable land owners tipping over to the dark side ‘Get Off My Land’ variety.

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