Airdriehill Road

A few years back when the North Lanarkshire Core Path Plan was put out to public consultation a number of routes were added to the proposed plan in the Airdriehill area. Most of these routes didn’t make it to the final draft (despite my protests) as either all or part of them were along minor roads, in particular Airdriehill Road which “weren’t safe.” There appeared to be a small pavement along much of the road but this had become buried under years accumulation of dirt, leaves and other debris. In summer it could be walked on, in wet weather it was a muddy uneven mess, and it was easier and cleaner to walk on the road.Airdriehill Road- before

I began to contact local councillors initially with no reply. A few months back I tried again and this time received a reply from Tommy Morgan who arranged to meet with me and look at the problems. The wheels of NLC turn slowly, but recently my efforts paid off, as while the road was closed for resurfacing some of the pavement was finally cleared of its soil cover. In some parts this was almost a foot deep! Hidden away underneath, unseen for around 30 years, was an actual hard pavement!After- what a difference!

The sections from Plains to Whiterigg and from Airdriehill to The Fourways have still to be done. Next week is the local council elections. I have no idea whether Tommy Morgan will still be a councillor next week, but I’d like to thank him for his efforts, and hope that whoever is in power, that they continue with this project, so that it is safe to walk from Airdrie to Plains without needing gaiters or dodging traffic.

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2 Responses to Airdriehill Road

  1. smur says:

    Well done Jim, what a difference. Know the roads – the rat run of the Plainsmen!

  2. jester1970 says:

    Thanks Smur. To be honest though it shouldn’t be up to members of the public to have to chase things like this up. The villages have suffered terribly over the years while money is poured into other projects. How many times has Airdrie Town Centre been ripped up and relaid in the same period as this pavement has been hiding under debris?

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