Pet Hates


What is it with some dog owners? I was up at the Lilly Loch the other day, and noticed a plastic bag full of dog crap tied neatly onto the fence. Obviously some dog owner has been out for walkies and decided to do the right thing and bag their dogs business. So WHY then tie it onto a fence where it will last right into the summer? Had they just left it in the open I’m sure it would have degraded naturally. The actions of the wind and rain would have taken their toll and it within time all trace would be gone. It’s not as if the Turd Fairy will come and take it away, will it? If you think that’s bad, I was in the Pentlands today, near Harlaw Reservoir. I was approaching a right of way signpost and saw what from a distance appeared to be brightly coloured flowers at the base of the sign. As we got closer it became apparent that this was a very popular meeting place for dog owners. I’m sure within months it will be cairn like. The people who leave this kind of mess give dog owners a real bad name. Time for the dog poo wardens to go off road and catch the culprits, as this just stinks.

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