Blackhouse Bridge to be demolished

I have received notification from North Lanarkshire Council that the condition of Blackhouse Bridge has deteriorated significantly, and it is now scheduled for demolition. This had been put on hold and the council had commissioned survey work to assess the chances of saving the bridge, however costs were reportedly in the £500,000 bracket. Since then the actions of the winter weather have taken their toll and the bridge is now in a worse condition, the north east wing wall having collapsed. Sadly this is the end for this bridge, a crossing point which has existed for around two hundred years.

NLC hope to salvage some of the stone from the bridge to use in a new crossing, should they decide to install one.
I have contacted NLC and MSP Alex Neil about this, and would hope that they can ensure a new bridge is installed. There are council elections in May, if you do happen to meet any candidates you may want to bring this up. The path could easily be diverted to join up with the North Calder Heritage Trail, at the entrance further up on the A73, towards Brownsburn, keeping a direct pedestrian link from Gartness to Airdrie.

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4 Responses to Blackhouse Bridge to be demolished

  1. smur says:

    I took some photos of part of the bridge – from what I could see from under the Monkland bridge last Sunday. I can say from what part of that I could see there was a few missing pieces of stone in the NE side.


    Might have to back again and get full view,

    • jester1970 says:

      I am of the opinion that poor maintenance of the bridge has led to it’s slow demise. A number of years ago some of the parapet walls fell into the gap, possibly due to vandalism. Without these the integrity of the structure was immediately threatened. Rather than repair the bridge like for like with new masonry, someone decided to put awful steel rails along the bridge, which looked horrible and were structurally useless. Truly, this was out of sight, out of mind, sanctioned vandalism rather than mindless. North Lanarkshire Council did not want to promote this path as it came out on a bad bend on the A89, and on more than one occasion I’ve heard it referred to as disused or barely used. As no monitoring took place how did anyone know how many people used it?
      I see in this weeks Advertiser that a new bridge has been installed further along the North Calder Water at Calderbank, at a cost of around £93,000. That does sound a lot of money, until you consider that a feature such as a bridge, in a location like this, may last a hundred years or more, if looked after. For probably less than £1000 a year over its lifetime, it’s worth it. When you look at projects where money has been wasted (who remembers the brolly on the roundabout outside Morrisons, or the million pound disaster which is the neon waves in Cumbernauld) ten or more bridges could be installed, giving years of use far beyond our lifetimes. To me that is worth spending our money on.

  2. smur says:

    And the arty bits on the canal bed at Coatbridge Fountain. Its all a disgrace. North Motherwellshire Council is what I call them. Worse than useless.

  3. Brian Bowie says:

    Thought you might be interested in this. I was walking my dog at the blackhouse brige site that is now left after the demolition and stumbled over sometging in the clay. Turns out to be an old AG Barr bottle. It looks similar to a bottle on the website, dated 1942-1947. (

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