Ultimate Adventure Magazine

Today sees the launch of a new online magazine- Ultimate Adventure Magazine. It’s a mix of outdoors interviews and articles, gear reviews (of which I’ve provided two) and Muller light yoghurt…

The initial press release and links for PDF/ Kindle/ other versions I haven’t a clue about is below. Enjoy!

Ultimate Adventure Magazine




Issue #1 – Jan/Feb 2012

In this first bumper-packed 190 PAGE 60,000 WORD issue, we have an interview with CLAUDIO VON PLANTA , famous for filming Long Way Round and Long Way Down with EWAN MCGREGOR and CHARLIE BOORMAN , where he talks about his adventures behind the camera in places like Afghanistan and Africa, and tracking down Osama Bin Laden…

We have interviews with best-selling horror novelist  GUY N. SMITH, New Zealand rock-singer and recent Glastonbury performer JORDAN REYNE, ultra-marathon runner ANDREW MURRAY and top SFF artist VINCENT CHONG.

We have features on climbing in Scotland, crossing Australia on a postie’s moped, cycling in the Akamas mountains in Cyprus, making a short horror medical zombie film, and heading to Mexico in search of buried secrets.

All this, along with news, letters, competitions, the ANTI-CLARKSON column, Whackjob Jim Column and The Horror, The Horror Column, reviews of kit, motorbikes, caravans, restaurants, books, video games, albums and sports fuel, short fiction by Garry Charles, a serialised graphic novel by Martyn Pick, your favourite Grumpy Old Man — and Ultimate Kids Adventure, something for the kids (and their parents!) to do at weekends.

Available as:

• a PDF (suitable for PC, MAC, iPAD etc) at www.uamag.co.uk

• a text-only version for your EPUB and Kindle (MOBI) readers at www.uamag.co.uk

• an online readable magazine at ISSUU: www.issuu.com/ultimateadventuremagazine/docs/issue1

• a print version, which can be purchased at www.lulu.com

Alternative digital versions are also available at Amazon, Lulu, iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

All UAMAG digital versions are FREE! We must be mad…

We hope you enjoy!

Andy Remic



Please note: NOBODY has been paid for anything in Ultimate Adventure Magazine. Every little bit has been done out of our love of biking, climbing, hiking and travel. So please please please help us by tweeting, facebooking, spreading the word to your friends and on forums – our continued existence will depend on our download figures!

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