Nether Bracco Windfarm- just when I thought it had gone…

One of the turbines will be sited near the line of trees, on the left of centre

The recently withdrawn application for three wind turbines at Nether Bracco has been resubmitted. I’d hoped that I’d seen the last of this application, but when you are sitting on a cash cow, it’s unlikely you won’t try to milk it.

The most significant change is that the turbines are smaller than the previous application, down from 82m to 54m, which should reduce their visibility at distance. Up close however they will still be monstrous, and they will change the local landscape for a generation or more. As well as interfering with the local bat population, the turbines may affect overwintering Canada Geese, which graze in the field on the south side of the Lilly Loch. Indeed, Turbine ‘A’ is around 150m from the loch, bringing the blades within around 100m of the path around the loch. In cold weather ice can form on the blades and be flung a fair distance, not ideal! If you can spare a bit of time it’s worth checking out the plans, which are available on the North Lanarkshire Council website:

Strangely the application appears under two listings. If you are going to comment on this, please comment on both applications.

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2 Responses to Nether Bracco Windfarm- just when I thought it had gone…

  1. R Webb says:

    Rejected wind farm applications NEVER go away.

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