Gone with the wind…

I spent the day in the Pentlands, with a trip to the Castlelaw area. A cracking ridge walk took in Turnhouse Hill, Carnethy Hill, Scald Law, East Kip and West Kip. West Kip almost didn’t make the list, as 70mph winds on the top saw me struggle just to stay upright. That has to rank as one of the scariest experiences on a hill for me, ever. Luckily the wind was behind me for the return cycle to Edinburgh, allowing me to attend the community meeting regarding Greengairs East windfarm. One piece of good news is that the proposal has been reduced from 11 turbines to 8. Mock up photos did show that I was correct in my assumption that there is another Greengairs windfarm planned, and the two combined will have a significant effect of the skyline. Photos will be posted in due course. Plans will be submitted early next year, and objections can be submitted at that time. The plans are usually made available in Airdrie Public Library, and these should be worth reading, as they contain images of how the land will appear once the turbines have been erected.

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One Response to Gone with the wind…

  1. smur says:

    North [i]Motherwellshire[/i] council also make the plans etc. online but you have to dig through their swamp of a website to find the right pages.

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