Aonach Eagach 2- Airdrie Rambler 0

I went up to Glencoe yesterday for a second crack at the “Aggy Ridge”. The forecast was for the day to clear as it went on, but this wasn’t the case. After sitting in the car waiting for the rain to die off a little, we decided to go up Am Bodach and assess it from there. With winds gusting up to 40mph I knew that today wasn’t going to be the day. We met a few walkers near the top, one of whom was heading via the ridge to the Clachaig for a beer! That’s a desperate thirst!

In search of beer...

We headed down and the weather seemed to worsen, the wind now picking up, gusting to around 50mph. Not a day to be playing around on a narrow ridge. If we have a summer next year, this will be top of the to-do list.


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